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Plan Your Visit


All tours begin on the hour in the Museum Store, located on the west side of the Barn Studio.

Monday-Friday: 9:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.
Saturday: 1:00 p.m. – 3:00 p.m.
The last tour of the day is at 3 p.m.


General Parking is available at the parking lot to the west of the Museum – just below the slope up to the back of the Barn Studio and Museum Store. Bus parking is available on the north side of West Cherry Street, beside the wooded area at the back of the Hemingway-Pfeiffer House.


General – $10 donation per person.
Senior citizen – $5 donation per person.
Group rate (minimum of 8 group members) – $5 donation per person.
Museum Member – Free

How to get here

This map shows the location of the Hemingway-Pfeiffer Museum along the Crowley’s Ridge Parkway.

Traveling from Jonesboro, Arkansas

1 Head west on Cate Avenue toward S. Main St
2 Take the 1st right onto S Main St
3 Take the 1st right onto E Johnson Ave
4 Turn left onto Red Wolf Blvd
5 Continue onto US-49 N/E Johnson Ave/U.S. Hwy 49 N
6 Continue to follow US-49 N/U.S. Hwy 49 N
7 Turn left onto S Terminal Ave
8 Take the 1st left onto Lincoln
9 Turn right onto S Houston Ave
10 Turn left onto W Clay St
11 Take the 1st right onto S 8th Ave
12 Take the 3rd left onto W Cherry St
13 Arriving  at 1021 W Cherry St

Total: 53.5 mi – about 1 hr 7mins

View Driving directions to Piggott, AR from Jonesboro, AR in a larger map

Traveling from Little Rock, Arkansas

1 Head north on State Capitol toward Capitol Mall
2 Turn left to stay on State Capitol
3 Take the 1st right onto W 3rd St
4 Turn left onto Cumberland St
5 Slight right to merge onto I-30 E
6 Take the Interstate 40 E exit
7 Merge onto I-40 E
8 Keep left at the fork to continue on US-167 N/US-67 N, follow signs for Jacksonville/L.R.A.F.B
Continue to follow US-67 N
9 Continue onto Exit 102 (signs for Arkansas 226/Walnut Ridge/Jonesboro)
10 Turn right onto AR-226 E
11 Turn left onto State Hwy 349
12 Continue onto AR-18 E/AR-91 S/Dan Ave. Continue to follow Dan Ave
13 Continue onto W Johnson Ave
14 Continue onto US 49 N
15 Turn left onto S Terminal Ave
16 Take the 1st left onto Lincoln St
17 Turn right onto S Houston Ave
18 Turn left onto W Clay St
19 Take the 1st right onto S 8th Ave
20 Take the 3rd left onto W Cherry St
21 Arriving  at 1021 W Cherry St

Total: 184 mi – about 3 hrs 8mins

View Hemingway-Pfeiffer in a larger map

Traveling from Memphis, Tennessee

1 Starting from Memphis International Airport
2 Take the ramp onto I-240 W
3 Keep left at the fork, follow signs for Interstate 55/St. Louis/Jackson Miss and merge onto I-240 W
4 Continue onto I-55 N, then take the exit onto I-55 N/US-61 N toward St. Louis/Little Rock
5 Entering Arkansas
6 Merge onto I-40 W/I-55 N/US-61 N, and then keep right to continue on I-55 N, follow signs for Blytheville/Jonesboro
7 Take exit 17B to merge onto I-155 W/US-412 W toward Hayti/Kennett
8 Continue to follow US-412 W
9 Continue onto 1st St
10 1st St turns slightly left and becomes MO-84 W/St Francis St
11 Continue to follow MO-84 W
12 Entering Arkansas
13 Continue onto AR-90 W
14 Turn right onto AR-139 N
15 Turn left onto US-62 W
16 Turn right onto N 3rd Ave
17 Turn left onto W Jackson St
18 Take the 3rd left onto N 6th Ave
19 Take the 1st right onto W Cherry St, arriving at 1021 W Cherry St

Total: 138 mi – about 2 h 17 mins

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Traveling from St. Louis, MO

1 Starting from Market St
2 Head east on Market St toward N Tucker Blvd
3 Take the 1st right onto S Tucker Blvd
4 Continue onto Gravois Ave/US-66 W
5 Turn left to merge onto I-55 S
6 Take exit 174B to merge onto US-67 S toward Bonne Terre/Farmington
7 Continue onto US-60 E/US-67 Business
8 Continue to follow US-67 Business
9 Turn right onto N Westwood Blvd
10 Turn left onto MO-53 S
11 Turn right onto MO-51 S
12 Entering Arkansas
13 Continue onto AR-139 S
14 Turn left onto US-62 E
15 Turn right onto Gordon Duckworth Dr
16 Take the 1st left onto N 12th Ave
17 Take the 3rd left onto W Cherry St, arriving at 1021 W Cherry St

Total: 184 mi – about 3h 3 mins

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